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How to order




Step 1: Login and browse the catalogue

If you want to see prices on our website you need to be a registered customer.




First, you can browse through our complete catalogue. Use the Top on the website to search for specific flowers. You can search by

Action , Color , Length, Category, Grower

In Picture 1 you can see what the browsing possibilities are when you have selected roses in the category. The other varieties work the same way.

Picture 1: Browsing possibilities

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Step 2: View flower details

Select a flower variety, so you can see the basic details of the flower in this screen (see picture 2-1):

  • The daily price
  • The stem length
  • The colour
  • The number of stems in which the flower is sold


Please note that some foliage products are sold per bunch, more information can be found in the FAQ or in the product details

You can also compare different flowers basically to each other by clicking "compare flower" (see pictures 2-1 and 2-2). If you have selected 2 flowers or more to be compared, a list of flowers will appear on the left side of the screen. You can also view more details about the flower by clicking on "Product Details"

When you go to the product details, the page will show you the basic details as well as more information (see picture 2-2). Here, you can find a description of the flower and if you have an account you can add tags or a review to this product.

Picture 2-2: Product details

Note: If you have an account on our website and you are logged in, you can also add products to your wishlist (Add to wishlist) in order to see which flowers would match together before you actually order them. You can easily add the products from your wishlist to your shopping basket, by logging in and go to "My Wishlist".

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Step 3: Put the flowers in your shopping basket

If you have seen the details and want to order these flowers, fill in the amount of flowers you want and press "add to basket" (see pictures 2-1 and 2-2). Note that we have minimum order quantities, as we are a wholesaler.

When you add a product to your basket, the products will be added to the total amount of your shopping basket. 

If you want to see your shopping cart, click on "Go to checkout" (see picture 3-1). If you want more flowers in your basket, press "continue shopping". Then the same procedure as step 1 and 2 can be followed. If you want to make a list of your favourite flowers, but not order them yet, you can log in at "my account" and put them in your wishlist.

If you want to finish your order, first make sure that you exceed our minimum order amount of $ 100.

If this is the case, you can finish your order and proceed to the selection of delivery dates and payment, by clicking "proceed to checkout" (see picture 3-1)

Picture 3-1: Shopping cart overview

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Step 4-1: Checkout > Checkout method

As you can see in picture 4-1, you can either choose to use your standard adress or put in a new delivery adress.

Picture 4-1: Check out methods

To continue, make your choice and press "continue" (see picture 4-1)

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Step 4-2 and 4-3: Checkout > Billing and Shipping information

In this step of the checkout process, you have fill in your address details if you have not registered yet or if you have chosen to check out as a guest. Make sure you fill in these details correct and note that the fields with the red stars are mandatory (see picture 4-2).

Picture 4-2: Biling and Shipment Information

If the billing address is the same as the shipment address, you will be immediately directed to step 4 of the checkout process. As we do not send invoices by mail, it is not necessary to fill in 2 different addresses at this stage.

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Step 4-4: Checkout > Shipping method 

After you have filled in your address details, you can select a delivery date. Please note that delivery dates can not be selected earlier than 1-2 weeks before the actual desired delivery date. 

Picture 4-3: Selecting a delivery date

If you have finished these steps, click "Continue" (picture 4-3), to continue to the payment stage.

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Step 4-5 and 4-6: Checkout > Finishing order and payment

After you have selected a date on which you want the flowers to be delivered, as well as the service from UPS that you want, you will get a message in step 5 that you will be redirected to the Ogone website for the payment. You can click "continue" to proceed.

You will see a total overview of the order, all costs included (see picture 5-1). To proceed to the payment stage, press "place order". If you want to edit your order, you can do this by clicking on "edit your cart".

Picture 5-1: Order overview

If you choose to place the order, you will be directed to the Ogone payment website, where you can select your credit card company (see picture 5-2). You will see your order number and the total amount that should be paid. Here you can see the credit card companies available.

Picture 5-2: Selection of credit card company

Now you are directed to the payment screen, where you can fill in your card details and press "Yes, I confirm my order".  (See picture 5-3)

If you want more information about the Card Verification Code, press "What is this?" 

Picture 5-3: Payment


If everything is correct, the payment will be processed and you will see the order confirmation screen (see picture 5-4)

Picture 5-3: Order confirmation

Picture 5-4: Order confirmation


Also, you will receive a confirmation mail of your order at the email address you have filled in at your address details. 

Please note that all the pictures are examples and that some filled in data can differ.

If the payment does not succeed, please check our FAQ here:

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Do you need any assistance with placing an order on our website? Email us at info@flowers4florists.