Denise Beddows (Chalfont St Peter, UK)

I'm writing somewhat belatedly (as we are still awaiting the official wedding photos) to express my extreme delight over the flowers you supplied for my daughter's wedding. Amy had chosen a stunning red silk (shot through with black) dress and so we chose your black baccara roses as the wedding flower. Never having arranged a flower in my life, I decided to keep it simple and use these almost black roses as the sole flower, without other embellishment, to allow their beauty to speak for itself. I had been practising my flower arranging skills beforehand, using 'garage' roses.

The 11 bunches of roses arrived promptly on the Thursday (I nervously tracked their transit progress online). They were wonderfully packaged, and we lost neither a single rose head nor even a single petal. They were in wonderful condition and the scent when we opened the box was lovely. I followed your online care instructions to the letter and the flowers remained perfect. Lemonade and aspirins proved a brilliant suggestion as a substitute for cut flower food (which I could not find locally). I arranged the roses in vases and made up the bouquets for bride and bridesmaids on the Friday, keeping the bouquets in an inch of water in their vases, but made up the buttonholes on the morning of the wedding, and kept them in the fridge until the best man collected them.

I simply placed generous armfuls of the roses in very tall vases (having trimmed away the lower leaves) and placed the vases all around my house and in our marquee. I also achieved a stunning but informal effect by placing some roses of different heights in smaller vases set inside very shiny silver 'posh' carrier bags. One of the most admired arrangements was the most simple - 3 roses, set at different heights in a tall, slim lily vase in our hallway. I created the bouquets, following the instructions in a helpful video from The Knot (US wedding website), using silk to wrap them (black for the bride and red for the maids); a collar of black tulle and diamante headed pins both to secure the silk and also in the heart of the roses to set them off. The buttonholes were a single rose, with a diamante pin in the centre and black satin ribbon glued around the stem and the stems were thus invisible against the black suits of groom and best man. For table centrepieces, on each table I placed 9 (shortened stem) roses in a 10 cm mirror cube vase, and placed these on an Ikea square mirror tile, with 4 short candles in square glass holders around them, and a sprinkling of star confetti (as the groom is an astrophysicist!).

The wedding ceremony was in a local register office and the reception in a marquee in our garden, and, although it was an informal country type wedding, I think it is fair to say that the roses set the tone for the whole event. I placed a square overlay of black shimmer organza over each white tablecloth and this gave a silver sheen which matched the silver chairs. In the evening, the candlelight, reflected in the mirrors, really added to the ambiance, and our guests were serenaded by a really wonderful singer and guitarist. The roses sat at the heart of the tables and provided sheer elegance.

All our guests - even the men, and how often do the menfolk even notice flowers, let alone comment upon them? - and the photographer too, greatly admired them. Words such as "magnificent" and "stunning" were banded about. I am currently trying to preserve the bouquets and would like to set one of the roses in acrylic as a keepsake paperweight. One week later, the small table arrangements are gracing the desks of my lady work colleagues and are bringing more admiration. Several of our guests have asked for your details, as they would like to order your flowers for their own future events.

The attached snaps do not begin to do justice to the beauty of the roses. I cannot thank you enough. Of all the wonderful aspects to this very happy day, the roses stood out as a central theme and were simply breathtaking. To any ladies out there who may be contemplating arranging their own wedding flowers, I would recommend using one variety of flower, keeping the arrangements simple, and definitely order your flowers from Flowers4Florists.

Thank you so much.

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