Tips for DIY wedding flowers: The basics for making an arrangement

A growing number of couples do their own wedding flowers or let their friends and family do the arrangements. You can get loads of inspiration for your wedding flowers by looking through magazines and books on floral decorating. You can also visit fine floral shops and hotels or other wedding venues, and take pictures of floral arrangements you like in public places. Remember to collect all your ideas, when you're not organised you'll probably lose some.

When you've selected the colours and the type of flowers you'd like, you can start ordering the flowers. If one of the flowers isn't available on the website, you can always contact us and request a particular flower.

After receiving the flowers, you can make your very own wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. The whole process of choosing the flowers and arranging them will be experienced as a lot of fun!

1. Receiving the flowers

When you order flowers for a wedding on-line, it's best if the flowers are delivered a couple of days before the wedding. The flowers are at their best when you let them rest for a couple of days after they have been shipped and this way they have time to open up nicely. We advise delivery of the flowers 2-3 days before the event, that is the time most flowers need to be in their most beautiful state. In case of lilies we would advise to count an extra day delivery buffer, so delivery at least 3 days before the wedding.

2. Flower care

The first step is cutting. Take the flower stem, put it underwater (lukewarm water) and cut it off at an angle. Cutting the stem underwater is important because otherwise an air bubble will be caught about an inch from the end of the stem, which prevents water from going up, so the flower can't hydrate. Pick the bowl or glass you'd like for the flowers. Add water and use flower cut food to provide the flowers with the key nutritions.

3. The first layer

Start with the first layer of your flower arrangement. Keep in mind that the main flower(s) should be highlighted exactly in the middle, held up by the other plants. So you should start with the basic plants (greens) that will hold up your main flowers.

4. Arranging the flowers

Arranging the flowers: Place your flowers in quadrants, like on a compass (north, south, east and west) crossing the stems in the middle of the container. That forms a base from which you can design. You should arrange your flowers in layers, so you get the right highlights in your flower arrangement. Mix the flowers however you want. The textures are wonderful to mix.

5. Filling up the quadrants

Now fill up the quadrants. Try to place your flowers at an angle rather than straight up and down. Always turn the design to see where you need to add a flower. And use greens to make the flowers stand out. Try to make sure the arrangement is visually balanced.

6. Fine-tuning the bouquet

Another tip to keep in mind when arranging your flowers is to select the flowers you like best and place them in a prominent place so you can see them. That way, they won't get lost in the arrangement. Again, rotate the container so that it looks beautiful every way you look at it.